CMTK Condition Monitoring Toolkit a new and easy-to-implement solution to help monitor the condition of your machines and systems and can, therefore, detect deviations and problems at an early stage.

IO-Link - discover improved process quality with the IO-Link product portfolio by Balluff

Vision Solutions for Manufacturing - used in part checking during assembly, part tracking during production, and reading 1D and 2D barcodes along with detection of plain text.

Festo Product Highlight

DFM Guided Drive a robust guided pneumatic drive designed to excel when subjected to lateral forces  and torque from offset payloads

ELGC Low-cost linear axis and EGSC mini slide - low-cost, compact system, for applications where compact dimensions are essential, offer an optimal ratio between installation space and working space.  

Flexibowl by ars

Flexibowl - an innovative flexible parts feeder that is compatible with every robot and vision system.


Palletizing Solution - Simplicy meets flexibility with this quick to receive, quick to install and quick to set-up solution. 

Sanding Kit - The only hardware and software sanding solution for Universal Robots.

Screwdriving Solution - Deploy a robotic screwdriving cell in two weeks and free employees for higher-value tasks.

Surface Finishing Kit - The only hardware and software surface finishing solution for Universal Robots.

Mobile Inustrial Robots - MiR

Discover MiR - MiR is one of the fastest growing companies in collaborative robotics. Their solutions are used all around the world and are helping companies to increase productivity, profitability and to streamline workflows.

MiR Hook 250 - Together with the MiR250, the MiR Hook 250 constitutes an optimized AMR solution that automatically picks up, transports and drops off carts carrying up to 500 kg in payloads.

Universal Robots

Discover Universal Robots - What could you automate

Universal Robots e-series - Cutting Edge Cobots From the World’s #1 Collaborative Robot Manufacturer

Introducing the UR20 - Introducing the top-end model by Universal Robots: the UR20. Designed with the longest reach and heaviest payload capabilities, this industrial collaborative robot is your solution to automating heavy lifting tasks over longer distances. Despite its impressive capabilities, the UR20 boasts an incredibly small footprint, allowing you to automate even more applications efficiently.


CNC Mill Automation System - a Mill Automation System with multigrip automation work holding allowing your machinists to easily add new parts just by cutting vise soft jaws.


Cobot Welding Tool - Do more with less by adding a portable, versatile, affordable and easy-to-use cobot welder to your team.


PFC200 with Integrated Cellular Modem - New industrial-grade PFC200 controller with integrated cellular modem that can wirelessly perform local control and monitoring of applications. This all-in-one PLC eliminates extra hardware and has the ability to deliver information directly to Cloud servers and send or receive SMS messages.

2006 + 2206 Terminal Blocks - The thin profile (9mm) of WAGO’s new open tool slot and push-button TOPJOB® S Distribution Terminal Blocks provides panel space savings and open design configuration options, minimizing exposure to incoming power sources.