Condition Monitoring Toolkit

Monitor your machines and processes, Visualize and analyze their conditions

Imagine knowing at an early stage which machine or component in your plant could cause problems in the near future. It is possible, however, many existing plants do not have the technical prerequisites for condition monitoring, even though this can prevent unplanned downtime and unnecessary costs. Until now, the retrofitting of plants has often failed due to the high effort and the associated costs for the permanent monitoring of relevant machine and process parameters.

Here, the CMTK system represents a new and easy-to-implement solution with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. With the flexible CMTK system, you quickly gain deeper insights into the actual condition of your machines and systems and can, therefore, detect deviations and problems at an early stage. All components are perfectly matched to each other. High acquisition costs without added value are a thing of the past, because the CMTK is a complete system without hidden costs or cumbersome subscription models.

Get to know the system

This is how your CMTK system could look like - more system configurations can be found in the application examples.

CMTK Base Unit

The base unit is the core of the CMTK

CMTK Software

Visualize and analyze smart and easy


Up to 4 matching sensors with IO-Link interface

Application Examples

  • Conveyor system
  • Coolant supply system
  • Electric Motor
  • Extraction Fan
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Industrial Robot
  • Machine Tool
  • Many Others

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