Introducing the top-end model by Universal Robots: the UR20. Designed with the longest reach and heaviest payload capabilities, this industrial collaborative robot is your solution to automating heavy lifting tasks over longer distances. Despite its impressive capabilities, the UR20 boasts an incredibly small footprint, allowing you to automate even more applications efficiently.

While payload and reach are certainly important factors in choosing a cobot, there are other features that define a modern cobot: accessibility, space consumption, deployment options, software features, and sustainability. The UR20 meets all of this criteria while offering the longest reach and heaviest payload capabilities of all the UR cobots.

The UR20 is built to support you in tasks where lifting heavy payloads over a long reach is a basic requirement. At faster speeds, the UR20 comes with superior motion control to ensure smooth and precise movements at the same time.

To support your need to automate processes in your existing work floor, the UR20 comes in a lightweight design and small footprint that can be installed almost anywhere. This cobot is versatile and will enable you to automate applications from material handling to welding.


The increased reach enables the further scaling of cobot automation and throughput gains to more demanding, heavier-duty applications.


The UR20 is our fastest cobot and will allow you to increase your throughput and speed up your processes.

Motion control

Take advantage of the full speed range and accelerations while lifting the maximum payload at it's maximum reach.