Visit our booth and interact with an industrial robot. Automation experts will be on-site to discuss your automation applications.

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Visit us at Booth 812 for an opportunity to interact with our industrial robots by Universal Robots and MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots).Our latest technology will be on display at this 2021 event.

 SPIE Optifab offers you the chance to meet with our representatives, learn about our products, and get answers to all your questions.

Considering automating? Automation experts from Ralph W. Earl Company will be available at the show to discuss your applications and help make your automation journey an easy one. Our partnership with UR, MiR and over 20 of their plus partners, makes us your one-stop-shop for automating with Industrial Robots. Application kits and solutions are available for all applications including bin-picking, injection molding, polishing, welding, palletizing, machine tending, quality inspection, sanding, screwdriving, and many more.

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UR Certified Core Training


  • Manage the robot safely understanding safety concepts
  • Build and optimize programs for several typical applications such as pick & place, palletizing, polishing or dispensing
  • Connect and handle peripheral equipment, such as sensors, grippers or conveyor belts
  • Know the online tools and resources available to help with application programming

After the 2-day course, you will have hands-on experience with a UR robot. You will have programmed the robot several times to perform common tasks, including the operation of common peripherals (conveyors, sensors, grippers). You will be able to optimize a pick and place flow, perform palletization, understand safety concepts, and know the additional resources available to them both online and through other training courses. You will be ready to return to your own robot and create pick and place, palletization, and other common application programs on your own.

You must have completed the UR Academy free e-Learning Core Track before attending this training.

For more information, email

UR Certified Advanced Training

  • Create and structure your programs in a professional manner
  • In-depth knowledge of functions in UR User Interface
  • URScript programming language
  • Work with variable positions and multiple TCPs
  • Referencing and shift positions on different coordinate systems for e.g. artificial vision applications
  • Track and coordinate the movement of the robot with conveyor belts
  • Use the integrated force/torque sensor for developing complex applications using the force feedback


   When you complete the Advanced course, you will be able to fully understand and utilize all commands in the Universal Robots “User Interface”. You       will also be able to better optimize your application and reduce the number of waypoints used by utilizing variable waypoints and user defined                 features. The latter feature can assist you to align the movement of the robot to the installation or environment. Conveyor tracking and advanced             force control will also be explored in this training course. This course enables every developer to deploy applications that account for more                         environmental variables.

Registration requires prior completion of Core Training.

For more information, email