Ralph W. Earl can design and build any type of structural framing system you request.  We specialize in machine guarding, workstations, machine frames and enclosures.  We design and build customized structures using 80/20 aluminum extrusion. 

We are with you from start to finish. Whether you are thinking about adding safety equipment to an existing machine or designing a work area from scratch, an 80/20 Product Specialist will offer support through the entire process. Offering fast, free, and accurate design support, 80/20 experts will help you design a T-slotted framing solution that will reduce costs, improve your productivity, and stand the test of time.

Don't be limited by long lead times. Ralph W. Earl and 80/20 specialize in turning your project into a ready to assembly kit that is easily installed with simple hand tools... no more welding. Don't have the time to build it yourself? Keep your workforce doing what they do best and let 80/20 assembly experts assemble your project for you

Focus on Lean with 80/20.

When you purchase off-the-shelf solutions, you settle for products that don’t optimize your resources. This leads to a waste of valuable floor space and forces employees and capital to conform to the application instead of the other way around.

80/20 enables completely custom solutions that support your
focus on continuous improvement. You will avoid having to
spend unnecessary money, time and resources down the road in alterations. For example, an 80/20 custom-designed workstation conforms to employees and processes to decrease injuries, increase productivity, and reduce costs.