Robotiq Screwdriving Solution

Deploy a robotic screwdriving cell in two weeks and free employees for higher-value tasks

  • 5-minute production changeovers
    • Designed to fix changeover issues. Within 5 minutes, the solution can be reconfigured for alternate production.
  • Intuitive to deploy
    • No robotic experience required
  • Consistent screwdriving around the clock
    • Put an end to the risk of product recall and assembly-line downtime.
  • No more injuries and a happier workforce
    • Automate a screwdriving task and keep employees from harm

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What's in the box?

  1. Robotiq Screwdriver SD-100
  2. Robotiq Screw Feeder SF-300
  3. Vacuum Sleeves Kit
  4. Screwdriver Bits Kit
  5. Robotiq Force Copilot License Dongle
  6. Robotiw Screwdriving URCap (application software)


Does it fit in your factory?

You want to take the leap and automate a screwdriving task, but you don't know where to start? This eBook presents tips and tricks to help  you get started and successfully automate your screwdriving process.