• Built-in, tool-centric Force/Torque sensor enables the e-Series cobots to take on applications requiring force control right out of the box. 
  • A repeatability of 30 micron (0.03mm) in the UR3e and UR5e models and 50 micron (0.05mm) in the UR10e means e-Series cobots rival or outperform competitors
  • Re-designed user interface decreases cognitive load and expedites program development. Advanced users can utilize the new externally accessible, 500Hz system bus to implement more complex motion control algorithms or profiles. 
  • New wrist-joint-tool communication interface reduces production line integration time and the hassle associated with routing cables between the end-effector and control cabinet. 
  •  Tool power supply now supports up to 2A of peak current to address the increased power consumption of UR+ end-effectors. e-Series also adds 4 additional digital inputs with an associated interface for use with conveyor tracking. 
  •  The UI now includes programming stopping time and stopping distance for protective stops. This greatly reduces the complexity and uncertainty involved in performing pre-deployment risk assessments. All 17 safety functions are certified by TÜV Nord and in compliance with the EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 10218-1 machinery safety standards for unobstructed human-robot collaboration.

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