Bimba has recently announced the release of their latest technology from the Vaccon line of vacuum products, the Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool (CRVT). The CRVT adds even more flexibility to your collaborative robot; all you need to do is supply compressed air and connect the CRVT to your robot (using the integrated wire harness to connect to the robot's I/O connection), and you're ready to go!
Additional configuration options allow you to tune the tool to your exact application. Each vacuum tool utilizes a simplified all-in-one construction, featuring:

  • Fully integrated valves for simpler wiring and faster response time
  • Integrated vacuum pump means less air to evacuate, providing faster response time and fewer leak points
  • Adjustable vacuum switch for part detection
  • A variety of pre-installed vacuum cups to match the application
  • Standard design allows for fast delivery

The CRVT is compatible with all current Universal Robots models and is UR+ Certified. 

Please contact Ralph W. Earl for more information on the CRVT or to request a quote.