Precise guidance - compact positioning

Mini slide with recirculating ball bearing guide and linear guide

High force and torque absorption combined with quiet spindle operation and precise positioning

  • Compact: optimum ratio of installation space to working pace
  • Precise: very good positioning accuracy combined with high load capacity
  • Flexible: wide range of mounting options for optimum machine integration
  • Unique: easy-to-mount system


Product Features


When compact dimensions and optimised installation space are important:

  • Assembly systems
  • Test and inspection systems
  • Small parts handling
  • Electronics industry
  • Desktop applications
Whether as an individual axis or in combination with the linear axes ELGC as 2D and 3D handling systems. Ideal in combination with the rotary drive ERMO.

Technical Highlights

  • Ball screw: low internal friction, minimal basic load torque
  • Integrated linear guide: rigid and heavy-duty for absorbing lateral forces, increased protection against rotation at high torques
  • Yoke plate: standardized interface for electric rotary drive ERMO for direct mounting on the mini slide EGSC without the need for adapters, installation space and weight of the Z-axis optimized

Easy-to-mount assembly

  • Easy to combine the mini slide with the linear axes ELGC using the universal profile mounting
  • Larger base axis can be combined with the smaller structural axis without the need for additional adapters
  • Simple linear or three-dimensional gantries, pick & place solutions or 3D cantilever systems

Powerful and clean

  • Lifetime lubrication for maintenance-free operation combined with a long service life
  • Smooth surface with clean look design: easy to clean, less prone to contamination and attractive enough to be used in the visible area of the system
  • Flexible motor mounting with numerous, freely selectable positions and the option to modify it at any time for an optimum machine design
  • Pressure compensation connection on the mini slide with screwed-in sintered plate as standard
  • Increased protection possible at any time with ducted air pressure compensation
  • Easy and low-cost position sensing in combination with proximity sensor SMT-8M