Applied Motion Products

Servo and Stepper Motors


Sensors, Transducers, Machine Vision, Cables, Connectors and Communication

Bimba Mfg.

Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Cylinders, Rotary Actuators

Canfield Connector

Electrical Connectors

Control Technology

Motion Controllers


Electric Actuators


Electric Heavy-Duty Ball Screw Linear Actuators

Festo Electric Products

Electromechanical Linear and Rotary Actuators and Grippers, Servo and Stepper Motors, Drives Systems, Controllers, Safety, Software, Handling Systems, Image Processing Systems and Sensors

Flexibowl by Ars

Flexibowl part separator, Felxivision vision software for robot guidance, Bulkfeeders, and Integration Plug-Ins


Gear Reducers, Servo Couplings and Linear Mounting Kits

Intek Products

Electric Linear Actuators - Ballscrew, Leadscrew, Linear Servomotor, Belt, and Rack & Pinion Drive


Stepper Motors with Integrated Controller

MTS Temposonics

Linear Position Sensors, Level Sensors, Transducers

MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots)

Mobile Industrial Robots, Applications, Top Modules and Accessories


Electrical Connections and Communications


Collaborative Robot Grippers, Multi-axial Force/Torque Sensors (for use with Universal Collaborative Robots)

Pepperl & Fuchs

Capacitive, Inductive, Ultrasonic, and Photoelectric Sensors, Zone Scanners, AS-Interface, ID Systems, Rotary                                                                         Encoders, Cordsets, and Junction Blocks

QC Industries

Low Profile Belt Conveyors

Robotiq Robots

Collaborative Robot Grippers, Force Torque Sensors and Wrist Camera (Compatible with Collaborative Robots)


Protective Robot Suits (for use with Universal Collaborative Robots)


Static Clean

Static Neutralizing Systems, Bars and Power Supplies, Ionizing Bench Top and Overhead Blowers, Ionizing Air Guns and Nozzles, Electrostatic Charging Equipment, Sheet/Web Cleaners, Laminar Flow Benches, Medical Cleaning Stations, Clean Room Systems and Static Control Measuring Devices


PLC + HMI in One Unit with Flexible I/O, Advanced Communication and Free Software Utilities

Universal Robots

Collaborative Robots


Terminal Blocks, Connectors, Power Supplies and field I/O Systems