Historically people have looked to the stars for answers. Navigators charted their course based on the stars and the Festo Stars of Automation can also help you to navigate to the best product for your application needs. The Festo program offers:

• Worldwide availability, Blue Star       always in stock
• Ready for shipping in 24 hours
• Great performance and value

Featured Products

Guided Drive DFM

Guide drive DFM is a robust guided
pneumatic drive designed to excel
when subjected to lateral forces and
torque from offset payloads.

PUN-H Tubing

Polyurethane-based tubes are highly popular in standard applications primarily due to their excellent flexibility. However, depending on the base material, some PU-based tubes experience hydrolysis destruction when used with water or water mixtures.


Our VUVG valves are price attractive, impressive and installed in a flash. Perfect for all high-speed applications requiring a particularly high flow combined with a compact size, e.g. in small parts assembly and electronics industry or in the food and packaging industry.

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