Grit, caustic chemicals, weld slag and sharp metal turnings can render your robot inoperative in short order. Keep these contaminants off of your robot and make routine maintenance more efficient and effective. Protect and prolong the life of your industrial automation investment.

Engineered to provide maximum protection against the elements seeking to destroy your robot, we design and manufacture your suit from premier grades of materials demonstrated to perform in your harsh environment. Of course your Robosuit® will be engineered to preserve the full articulation of the arm itself.

If you have unique conditions, give us the details about your situation. We’ll take on the challenge and deliver a customized solution to meet your specific needs. 

Protect your robot and avoid lost productivity, expensive replacement parts and prolonged maintenance sessions. 

Pendant Armor

Shock absorbing material

Manufactured from shock absorbing, chemical resistant, Santoprene™, Pendant Armor® guards the teach pendant from drops, spills, and extreme manufacturing conditions.

Lightweight design

Pendant Armor’s perforated, open-backed design minimizes additional weight without sacrificing critical protection.

Proactive protection

Pendant Armor® protects the exposed components most often damaged when the pendant hits the ground.

Tailored fit

Pendant Armor® is designed and engineered to allow for custom molding around each OEM’s unique pendant architecture, no matter the size or the shape.