ActiNav Autonomous Bin Picking combines market-leading collaborative robots, a 3D sensor, and autonomous robot motion control to solve unstructured bin picking and accurate placement for machine tending applications.

Unlike conventional alternatives which require lengthy and complex integration and programming efforts, ActiNav simplifies the application with end to end autonomous motion. This makes random bin picking accessible to small and large production facilities alike.

How it Works


Position a UR e-Series robot in your existing operator workspace, attach the end-effector of your choice and mount the included 3D sensor above your bin of parts

Step 2

Using only the teach pendant, train your environment by touching objects the robot can reach. Then, using the scan-to-teach feature, train the desired pick points and part-relative placements.

Step 3

The Autonomous Motion Module (AMM) enables the robot to actively navigate into the bin, move through the environment collision-free, and place parts into the machine. No two paths are the same.

Product Features

Motion Module Control

ActiNav Autonomous Motion Module controls the robot during pick, path and place

No Robot Programming Experience Required

Teach by demonstration pick and place training is easy and does not require any robot programming experience

Higher Machine Uptime

Collision-free autonomous motion through the environment enables higher machine uptime

Fewer Lines of Programming

Autonomous motion reduces program size by up to 90% fewer lines of programming

Easy Set-up on Teach Pendant

Flow-based, intuitive setup is entirely on the teach pendant

Less Refilling of Bins

Works in deep bins which reduces the time between refilling

High-Accuracy Picking

CAD matching and high-resolution sensor enables high-accuracy picking

Works with Various End-Effectors

Works with suction, magnet or internal grip end effectors

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