Next-Generation Machine Loading

The most efficient and flexible way to load machines is to pick parts directly out of the bins they are already in. But until now, that was nearly impossible.

ActiNav combines intelligent visions, real-time autonomous motion control, and UR's world-leading cobots to deliver a game-changing machine loading system that's precise, consistent, intuitive and more agile than ever before.

With ActiNav, now you can plan, pick and place parts accurately, without collisions and without the need to stop, optimizing machine uptime and boosting productivity.

If you're looking for a machine loading solution that is flexible, simple to program, and highly reliable, then ActiNav is for you.


Unmatched Precision - Even on Complex Parts

3.2 Millions 3D Points in Every Scan


Thanks to ultra-high resolution sensor technology, ActiNav processes up to 3.2 million 3D points in every scan. This means it can work with complex parts, and a variety of bin sizes.

Accurate Path Planning


 The autonomous motion module (AMM) allows ActiNav to plan the part’s path, so you don’t have to.

The AMM delivers vision processing, collision-free motion planning and real-time robot control – all at once. It selects a robot pose that ensures parts are placed in the same way into a fixture each time. This is not pick and drop, but accurate pick and part-oriented placement.

Detect Parts, Day or Night

ActiNav’s advanced sensor technology has a high tolerance to a variety of lighting conditions and can detect parts whether they have black, shiny or reflective surfaces. ActiNav combines advanced scanning with high-accuracy CAD-based matching algorithms which means you benefit from accurate part scanning and picking around the clock.

Product Features

Consistency Where It Matters Most

ActiNav optimizes motion trajectories to avoid collisions, joint limits and singularities. It’s built to be relied upon.

Technology that Adjusts to Keep Production on Track

With ActiNav, there’s no need to program every step of the process or rely on pre-programmed waypoints. Simply teach the system what you’d like it to do, and it will work out the best way to do it.

Our Autonomous Motion Module (AMM) is at the core, to deliver higher machine uptime with real-time robot control. It takes care of motion automatically, enabling the cobot to operate intuitively, and at its optimum.

ActiNav also automatically exploits part and end effector symmetry to expand the range of path options for moving the part, instinctively adapting to perform at its best.

Efficient Path Planning. On Repeat

ctiNav works out the best way to pick and place. Thanks to its ‘Free Spin Pick’ function, a single trained pick means ActiNav will consider a full 360°of tool rotation. This means fewer lines of programming and leads to better bin pick percentage and cycle time performance.

Built-in cycle metrics, visualizer and a predefined program structure make sure the system performs in the best way for its application, consistently.

Easy to Deploy, Quick to Perform

Two hours or less is all it takes to program ActiNav and start transforming your business. With no need to laboriously define the robot’s path into and out of the bin, ActiNav computes the fastest and most efficient path to grab the part and pull it from the bin without collisions. Typical ActiNav programs also require less waypoint programming, so operating the system is just as intuitive as the technology itself.

It can learn a complete program in as few as 12 lines of programming - significantly less than the hundreds needed by its competitors. The only thing you need to interact with is the teach pendant.

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