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Tuesday, October 16, 2012 by Ralph Earl
JVL produces a wide range of versatile, high quality integrated servo and stepper motors that can be adapted for a variety of applications. JVL’s integrated motor design is unique because it contains the motor, driver, controller, encoder and sensor all in one small, compact unit. The result is a low cost unit that will save cabinet space, exclude trouble with noise from long motor cables, and reduce errors due to cable and component failures. Also, with only 30% of the normal number of components, the cost and failure rate is significantly reduced.

Other key features include:
  • Stepper Motors with absolute multi-turn feedback that remembers its position even if power is removed so no need to home the motor after e-stop. 
  • Multi-networking capability: Ex: Modbus 485 and Ethernet power link. 
  • Robust M12 connections industrial connections 
  • Windows based software
JVL is one of the only stepper / server motor manufactures that offer all these features in a low cost, integrated design. Because of this, applications that may have been difficult or expensive to solve in the past can be accomplished with a JVL solution.

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