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Unitronics Releases a new Unistream 5" PLC+HMI+I/O

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Unitronics Releases a new Unistream 5

What's New:

Unitronics releases a new UniStream 5” model to enhance your project reach—the US5-Bx-TA30. Email for a quote.

The US5-Bx-TA30 offers a new built-in I/O configuration, including:

·         14x Digital inputs, 24VDC, sink/source, including 2 high-speed counter input channels

·         2 x Analog inputs, 0÷10V / 0÷20mA, 14 bits

·         2 x Temperature inputs, RTD / Thermocouple

·         10 x Transistor outputs, pnp, including 2 PWM output channels

·         2 x Analog outputs, 0÷10V / -10÷10V / 0÷20mA / 4÷20mA, 12 bits

As a member of the UniStream series, the new PLC+HMI+I/O supports important fieldbus protocols such as MODBUS, Ethernet/IP and CANopen, as well as SNMP, VNC, FTP, SMS, email, and communications via GSM/GPRS modem.

Like the other UniStream 5” models, this new addition is also available in two versions: US5-B5-TA30 and US5-B10-TA30 (Pro).  The Pro version, US5-B10-TA30, offers additional capabilities, including a built-in Webserver, audio jack, video support, and SQL.

Can I add expansion I/O?

Yes, both versions (B5 and B10) can be expanded up to 2,048 I/O. In order to expand, the first unit plugged into the Unistream 5 must be from the CX series I/O expansion: UAG-CX-XKP125 or UAG-CX-XKP300.

What are the COM options?

Unistream 5" new model has built-in ports: 1 Ethernet, 1 USB host, 1 Mini-B USB device port, Serial and CANbus ports may be added via UAG-CX modules.

Where can I find the technical specifications and installation guide?

The Technical Specifications and Installation Guide are currently available on request and published online.

When Can I Get One?

There will be limited availability in December, with full stock at the factory starting in Q1 2018.

UniLogic® - New version

The new UniStream 5" model is supported by an updated UniLogic version.

Other features in this release include:

·         Support for a new modem, the SIMCOM T5320.

·         In UniLogic, when you add a new functions, HMI screen or webpage, the focus will be on the name, in the Solution Explorer

·         UniApps & Pop-ups now offer French

·         You can now find HMI and Web elements that are used in your project by right-clicking them and selecting Find from the right-click menu.

·         The Upgrade Firmware process has been improved, and is more robust


What are the part numbers & prices?

Part Number


List Price


Unistream PLC+HMI B5 5" TA30



Unistream PLC+HMI B10 5" TA30


Contact for a quote or product information

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