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Festo Piezo Valves For Medical Devices

Festo Piezo Valves For Medical Devices


Festo is successfully applying tried-and-tested piezo technology into valves that are part of medical devices. Using Piezo valves to control air flow has several advantages over tradition solenoid or stepper valves. These attributes may allow manufacturers to develop new medical devices that are light weight, smaller in size, and have lower power consumption.


How Piezo technology works
Festo uses the piezoelectric properties of certain ceramics, which undergo a mechanical deformation when a voltage is applied to them. 


The benefits of these properties include:

  • Low weight
  • No heat build-up
  • Low power consumption
  • Small size
  • No noise

In addition the valve can become a proportional flow valve by varying the voltage.


blood pressureLeading Innovation
Festo is a leading provider of electrical and pneumatic automation technology worldwide. They automate movements and sequences in factory, process and laboratory automation as well as in medical devices in close partnership with our customers. Piezo technology is one of several key pneumatic technologies they offer.


Customized Solutions
Through collaborative engineering, Festo works with you to develop the optimum solution for your medical or life science application.

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