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If you have a testimonial you would like to share about Ralph W Earl, please email, or call Stephanie at 315-454-4431 ext 126.

From Currier Plastics dated October 14th, 2016

We had a sensor fail on Sunday on a machine in blow molding that we have orders to run that are due early next week. One of my maintenance guys had sourced the part online through a different Balluff representative.  The other rep made a mistake in cross referencing the switch to a custom switch with a 1 to 2 week lead time. That would have caused a missed shipment to our customer. I called Ralph W. Earl and talked to Lori who said the same thing regarding that part number and it being custom made. What Lori did next was ask me to hold, and call Balluff directly regarding a possible rush order or other options. They responded regarding a switch that was virtually the same as the custom switch, but had a different wiring connection. She then sent the specs for the sensor and it turned out that it was the exact match to our switch, which is when we figured out that the other rep had made that mistake. We will get the switch in today and have the machine running this afternoon. If Lori had not made the effort to call for options, we would have been down for more than a week. Also, after that week, we would have received the wrong switch! Please understand how we feel about Lori’s very high level of customer service. I have copied  our supply chain manager so he knows how well this was handled. Thanks, John

From Lexington Machine dated August 3rd, 2016

My name is Eric Kowalski and I am Controls Engineer/ Process Engineer at Lexington Machining.  Along with My Partner Mike Kiyak ,Senior Mechanical Engineer, we design and build all of our machines to run and verify new contracts (screw machine type machining) awarded to us. These machines can become very complex and our job is to make them as Safe, Efficient, and as easy to run as possible. Mike and I set a goal for ourselves to constantly utilize processes, and components that are on the leading edge of technology. In doing this we have made great strides in the past few years in safety, cycle time reduction and developing robust predictable processes.

                I am reaching out to you this morning to acknowledge the hard work and dedication we receive from your company. Specifically Larry Tarantello. Yesterday we saw an opportunity to change a feature on a machine that we are currently building. This involved designing, sizing , and purchasing a slide Ethernet controlled that will travel 50 inches in two to three seconds, sitting on its side at 22.5 degrees holding 30 lbs. implementing this  opportunity came with a risk of hitting our completion timeline due to part (Slide) development and delivery. I called Larry and he was in front of me in 30 minutes. Myself, Larry and the team went to the project and discussed the specifics. Larry has a great connection with every group in this company from the design team,  the build team, Maintenance team and also the V.P. of Operations because of this I usually step back and let him quickly become part of the team and find a solution. Larry then spent a couple hours on the phone confirming his specs and generated a quote for us. And in another hour the parts are on the way to be here no later than next week.

Larry is world class in customer service as well your line card product knowledge. He is fair in pricing, and yes I do check with competitive quotes, and we would not be where we are at with our growth without him.

I also would like to acknowledge Lori Giocondo and Dave Vormwald for their support and always being eager to make sure that our expectations are met. 



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